SPC Bioplastic Converge sponsorship opportunities

Event Interviews and Online Photogallery- $7,500 (1 available) Your logo prominently displayed during the video interviews (dedicated pop-up display next to interviewee) as well as on the YouTube channel that will host the videos (your logo at the beginning of every video)

Event Journal $7,500 (1 available) Your logo solely displayed on the event recycled journal for attendees to take notes from the meeting

Conference Lunch$6,500 (1 available) Guaranteed exposure for your brand – over 90% of attendees attend lunch functions, a perfect opportunity to showcase your company.

Networking Breaks $4,500 (2 available) Fruitful conversations and connections happen at the networking breaks; your company will be highlighted during these engaging times!

WiFi in event area$4,500 (1 available) Your logo will be included in cards on every name badge with WiFi access information

Printed Pocket Program$4,000 (1 available) Your logo will be included on the front cover of the printed program that will help navigate attendee’s through the event’s schedule


To become a sponsor, contact Barbara Fowler at barbara.fowler@greenblue.org.