Sego Jackson joined Seattle Public Utilities as its Strategic Advisor for Waste Prevention and Product Stewardship in April 2015. Prior to his SPU position, he worked for 25 years for Snohomish County Washington, where his first project involved establishing curbside recycling and yard debris services, coordinating with five private collection companies and nineteen cities and towns. Soon thereafter as an early observer of Germany’s “Green Dot” system, Sego became an enthusiastic proponent of product stewardship systems in the U.S., and helped form the Northwest Product Stewardship Council in the late 90s. He continues to serve on its Steering Committee and to chair its Packaging and Policy Committees.

Sego served as one of fifteen government negotiators in the National Electronic Product Stewardship Initiative which ultimately lead to him playing a key role in the development and passage of Washington’s landmark producer responsibility law for electronics in 2006. He has also worked on stewardship policies for batteries, carpet, mercury lighting, paint, pharmaceuticals, solar arrays, and framework approaches. He has participated in many regional and national processes on a variety of products and packaging, such as the EPA Dialogue on Sustainable Financing of Municipal Recycling of Packaging Materials. He participates in activities of SPC, Pac Next, and the Product Stewardship Institute, and generally looks for opportunities for sharing information between diverse stakeholders.

His position at Seattle Public Utilities includes, in part, programmatic and policy work to significantly increase the diversion of food scraps, compostable paper and compostable packaging from waste disposal as well as work with industry to steward their products. SPU’s primary strategic approach is “Solving Problems at Their Source” which supports looking upstream for packaging solutions.