Sarah Martinez has spent over 15 years working in the corporate sustainability field and is currently Sustainability Maven for Eco-Products, a leading brand of foodservice packaging made from renewable resources and post-consumer recycled content. She is responsible for ensuring sustainability is meaningfully integrated throughout the brand. This entails understanding and taking responsibility for the company’s impacts from its operations, as well as every stage of the product lifecycle. Helping large foodservice operators implement zero waste programs, conducting lifecycle assessments of products, participating in industry efforts to address end-of-life challenges, and leading the company’s sustainability reporting and goal- setting are some of her key focus areas. Prior to Eco-Products, Sarah was on the corporate sustainability team for the retailer, Target, and the real estate firm, ProLogis. She has a BS in Environmental Policy from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the University of Denver.

Why do you want to serve on the SPC Executive Committee?

Of all of the sustainability issues I have worked on over my career, there are few that motivate me as much as sustainable packaging. In addition to having a profound impact on waste diversion, resource depletion, and climate change, packaging is ubiquitous and necessary, therefore offering an opportunity to meaningfully address the sustainability issues I care so much about. Also, because packaging touches virtually everyone, it can be a vehicle for raising society’s collective environmental awareness. Few other sustainability topics are so tangible to the average consumer. Finally, I am impressed with the SPC’s holistic and aspirational mission, and feel it aligns perfectly with my professional role and personal passions. I would welcome the opportunity to serve on this committee.

What can you contribute to the SPC Executive Committee?

As Sustainability Maven for Eco-Products, a company exclusively dedicated to sustainable packaging, I can contribute a unique perspective across all aspects of packaging. By mapping and engaging our supply chain, I have visibility to the industry’s upstream challenges and opportunities. By overseeing our product lifecycle assessments, I have an understanding of various substrates and their environmental impacts. By working with our customers to develop and execute zero waste programs, I have a firm grasp on the operational realities of setting and achieving sustainability goals. Finally, I believe we are at a crucial point in regards to waste diversion: regulations are mandating diversion of organics from landfills, yet we do not have enough infrastructure to process this material. My involvement in other industry groups, such as FPI’s PRA/PRG, the USCC, and the Rocky Mountain Organics Council allows me to provide insight into concurrent end-of-life initiatives that could provide collaborative opportunities for the SPC. In sum, I believe I can bring a breadth of experience and knowledge to the committee, and I would do so with enthusiasm for addressing environmental issues.