Liza Blackwell has spent 12 years in packaging and printing, and is currently the first Packaging Sustainability Manager at Nike, Inc. Originally hired by Nike to be part of their Brand Design team focused on the development and production of retail buildouts and packaging, she was brought into the packaging compliance space to help navigate Nike’s adoption and development of both internal and external EPR reporting systems.

Currently, she is focused on guiding Nike vendors and designers in balancing sustainability and compliance requirements with the goal of producing the most innovative and responsible packaging possible. In addition, she is responsible for publicly reporting packaging waste saving program results, design and material consultation of all Nike retail, consumer, and transport packaging, and fostering industry partnerships. Most recently, she has concentrated on the development of programs that drive waste elimination and the potential of packaging waste to be reincorporated into raw material streams.

Why do you want to serve on the SPC Executive Committee?

As I look across our industry, I see so much good work happening, but so little time to communicate it or adapt it between organizations. Many of us in the corporate world often develop packaging waste or energy savings programs from the ground up. But the SPC has always provided a platform with which to exchange these ideas. Over the past several years, I have worked hard to develop easily understandable procedural documents that govern Nike’s packaging. I am also working hard to develop supply chain processes and partners that will move Nike’s packaging into the realm of the circular economy. As I watch the SPC leadership move more into these areas, I would very much like to offer my experience and leadership where appropriate in those areas to continue to move the SPC forward. As the world continues to change with ever more increasing speed, the ability to collaborate in a leading industry group like SPC is becoming not just convenient, but necessary. I would like to see our industry embrace sustainability at an accelerated pace, and I would very much like to be a part of that advancement.

What can you contribute to the SPC Executive Committee?

My hope is to not only be able to provide the Executive Committee with the perspective of a large, global, consumer-centric corporation and how it views sustainability and packaging, but to also bring experience in developing and enacting high-level governance policies and corporate- level circular economy programs. I am currently focused on developing and executing projects emphasize waste elimination through the value chain and the reincorporation of packaging waste into Nike’s raw material streams. I look forward to sharing the insights I have gained with the SPC membership in an effort to advance sustainability in our industry.