Kim Charick comes to us from EPA Region 4’s RCRA Programs and Material Management Branch. Region 4 represents 8 southeastern states. Her primary duties are to support State and local recycling programs using the Sustainable Materials Management approaches that support the building and strengthening of the state’s recycling infrastructure. As part of that effort, she has helped launch EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge for the Hospitality Sector and manage grants like this one aimed at increasing composting and compostable packaging and an upcoming grant, a voluntary public/private partnership designed to make strategic investments that sustain higher levels of recovery for paper and packaging. She is also the southeast contact on all aspects of electronics recycling.

Prior to working in Materials Management, Kim spent 15 + years in RCRA hazardous waste working in RCRA Permitting and as a Corrective Action Specialist.

Kim earned a bachelor’s degree in Geology from Boston University.