Al is President and CEO of Cascades Recovery Inc. where he is responsible for the continued improvement and growth of the company in all sectors of material recovery across Canada and the northeast USA. The portfolio of the Company’s operations include collection and recovery facilities for paper, packaging and other secondary materials, collected from both the institutional, commercial, industrial, and municipal sectors.

Cascades Recovery Inc traces its roots to 1979 when Al, along with his brother Anthony, started a small waste/recycling business. Their “entrepreneurial spirit and hands on approach” took what began from the back of a pick-up truck to becoming a leading discarded material recovery company in North America. In 1995 Cascades Inc. partnered with the company and formed a strategic alliance that today encompasses 23 recovery facilities in Canada and the northeast USA, employs in excess of 1,200 employees who together are responsible for collection, processing and marketing of over 1,500,000 metric tonnes of recovered paper, packaging and other materials. With the demand for more diversion Al is leading the development of the company’s “Recovery …Plus” program, a program focused on the recovery of discarded materials for beneficial uses rather than their disposal in a landfill.

More recently (2014) Al lead a group of Canadian recyclers to join together and respond to an RFP in British Columbia that resulted in giving the new formed group, Green by Nature EPR (GBN) a contract to manage the entire post collection system for the Province. As the CEO of GBN, Al is responsible for the continued development of this new venture with a focus on addressing the needs of the Producers as they take on a more pronounced role in managing their printed paper and packaging.

Al holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.