Bioplastic Resin Pellet Manufacturers

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BiologiQ, Inc. 2400 E 25th St. Idaho Falls, ID 83404
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Dale Brockman Commercialization Manager
(706) 508 2114
BiologiQ produces the world’s most biodegradable, sustainable, blendable and lowest cost bioplastic resin pellets utilizing proprietary equipment, processes and formulations that have won industry acclaim. Our Eco Starch Resin (ESR) can be blended with fossil fuel resins to assist in degradation when microorganisms exist in the environment, can be recycled and is compostable where composting facilities exist. Based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, our process is easily scaleable, serving flexible and sheet packaging, injection molding, blow molding and thermoforming customers globally. Biologic’s mission is to provide a way to use environmentally friendly plastic products made from renewable resources thus contributing to a world than can be free of pollution caused by non-degradable plastic packaging.