Kim Carswell is a group manager of Packaging where she is working to create a best in class retailer packaging development team. Kim has been at Target for 10 years and has over 25 years of packaging development experience. Prior to Target Kim was the director of packaging development at General Mills and the associate director of packaging at Kraft. She has focused on guest centric packaging development and building strong partnerships with business partners throughout her career. Kim and her teams have delivered key packaging innovations to the market including the first Parmesan cheese package in PET, reclosable shredded cheese packaging, Gogurt yogurt in a tube and a reclosable bag for Archer Farms chips at Target. Kim has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dairy Science and a Master of Science in Packaging Engineering from Michigan State University. She currently serves on the board of the University of Minnesota Raptor Center and teaching a packaging course at the university.

The SPC is a key organization to drive change in the packaging industry and I would like to be part of its journey forward to identify and define new ways to advance the sustainability of packaging by looking at the entire supply chain, taking a science based approach and bringing multiple parties to the table. I also look forward to learning in this role as I gained tremendous knowledge from serving on the committee in the past. The SPC has delivered incredible value and I would like to be part of its continuing to do so.

What can you contribute to the SPC Executive Committee?

My skills to connect and collaborate and to think strategically could be well placed on this committee. Also as retailer and brand owner we bring the direct connection to the consumer and this is a key part of this supply chain. Target is a key retailer leader in the use of the how2recycle label and I am keen to ensure the power and potential of this program is fostered.